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Emergency Service

When your HVAC system fails or slows, we at Peterson Service understand that time is of the essence. We have been expertly serving the tri-state area since 1981 with 24/7 emergency service. We offer a vast range of service abilities from small 1.5 ton splits to your 1,000-ton refrigeration systems. Our response team of regionally located professional technicians can be quickly dispatched to help you in an emergency.

What We Offer

Our emergency commercial HVAC repair services include:

  • HVAC
  • Building Energy Management and Related Services
  • Refrigeration
  • Temporary Cooling and Heating Solutions

Reducing Future Emergencies

Once we resolve your emergency, we work with you to eliminate future ones by providing you with a full report of what happened, the overall condition of your system, and the recommended steps to take in order to avoid future failures.

We offer fixed cost maintenance programs that will keep your HVAC system and equipment running efficiently. We prioritize extending the lifespan of equipment whenever possible and identifying potential problems before costly breakdowns occur. All planned service agreements for regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections are customized to your budget and the unique requirements of your HVAC system.

It's all we think about!
Our team consists of 30 factory trained technicians supported by a specialized management team. We have a large control parts inventory and a fleet of fully stocked service trucks which are maintained to guarantee on time repairs and maintenance for all your HVAC needs. We at Peterson Service know HVAC is often the last thing you want to think about, but it's all we think about!
WHY US We solve a wide variety of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and control system problems. From minor repairs on small systems to design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the industry's most sophisticated equipment and building automation systems, we can handle it all. Learn More
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