GreenSTAR’s: The Energy Solutions Providers of Choice

The time is NOW to seize new business opportunities and position your company as your customer’s exclusive source for energy and cost-saving solutions.

With increasing pressure on building owners and operators to tighten budgets and implement sustainable initiatives, market conditions have never been more favorable for you to step to the forefront and provide real cost-saving options through energy conservation measures.

By being a proactive leader in the energy solutions business through your designation as an MSCA GreenSTAR, you are clearly differentiating your company from the competition and enhancing the demand for your services and expertise.

Keep in mind that HVAC equipment accounts for more than 35% of all controllable operating costs in a building and energy represents the single largest expense!

As an MSCA GreenSTAR, you can boast a designation that less than one percent of contractors in the country can claim and provide added value to your customers.

The new GreenSTAR program provides you with the training, expertise, tools and skills needed to help your customers save energy dollars and position you as the “go to” expert for
energy solutions – a designation certain to help expand your customer base.

If you are not already a GreenSTAR, you are invited to consider the benefits of applying to the program and putting the GreenSTAR advantage to work for you today.

greenstar qualified certified technicians

GreenSTAR Program Requirements

The goal is for all current MSCA STARs to achieve GreenSTAR qualification. To help you accomplish this, the requirements for GreenSTAR have been revised and updated to better reflect today’s conditions.

Any company new to the STAR program will now be able to immediately apply for GreenSTAR qualification.

The criteria have been developed to reflect what the leading HVAC contractors are already doing and should be attainable for all MSCA members. MSCA will provide guidance and assistance to help you meet all criteria and will even refer you to a mentor to guide you step-by-step through the process.

To download copies of the GreenSTAR application forms, go to or contact MSCA at 1-800-556-3653 or

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a business partner that can help reduce energy costs
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