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Customers First - It's all we think about

Of all the complicated projects we deal with, what we keep uncomplicated is making sure we do the right thing by our clients…always…no matter the circumstance.

People have enough to think about without worrying or questioning the advice they get from the professionals they work with.

By constantly training, maintaining critical certifications and utilizing the most advanced technologies that benefit our clients, we are able to provide the clear-headed and precise options they need to make good decisions on behalf of their facilities and people.

This is what we mean by full service.

We solve a wide variety of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and control system problems: from minor repairs on small systems to design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the industry’s most sophisticated equipment and temperature control systems.

Our expertise extends to computer room environments, centrifugal units, DDC and pneumatic temperature control systems.

We work as a partner with our clients. Not only are we well versed in state and local building codes, but with more than 30 years of experience designing & maintaining high-efficiency HVAC systems in virtually every type of commercial building, we are able to layout options for improving the efficiency for even the most complex of facilities.

Our on-staff smart building control technology experts work with clients to ensure their buildings are both comfortable and energy efficient.

We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for quality workmanship, effective design, reliable service and properly planned maintenance.

PSC Staff

Our Story

Brothers Samuel and Lawrence Peterson established our company in 1981 from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, offering HVAC service and installation services. From the start they developed a focus on government and commercial projects. Lawrence was the company technician and Sam was the jack of all trades; from selling services, estimating jobs and occasionally pitching in as a technician.

As more clients were drawn to their expertise, the brothers moved operations to Camden with a 10,000 square foot-building to house the growing team of mechanics and sheet metal experts.

Within six years the Petersons grew our company from a crew of 12 people to 50 with a focus on both construction and service.

Sam purchased Lawrence’s stock shares the following year and assumed full control of the business.
There have been waves of growth and moments of reduction in our 35 + years. Throughout all of it our company has maintained our focus on providing the most diligent and capable service to our clients, many of whom remained with us because of the sense of duty we have for doing right by them.

As Sam continued to stay diligent with industry trends and client needs, he moved operations strategically to keep our services and reputation strong.

All through high school, Sam’s daughter, Renee worked each summer at the office with a strong desire to take over operations one day when the time was right.

With an earned degree in engineering, Renee began making her mark on the company, working in every aspect.
With his daughter amassing vast experiences in the design and programming of automatic temperature control systems, Sam comfortably handed over the operations to Renee and officially retired in 2012.

Renee and brother-in-law, Mark Tepes teamed up in 2010 to advance the next generation of services under the family name. Renee serves as president and Mark is vice president managing strategic planning, construction and sales management.

Peterson Service Company is a certified woman owned business and has more than 45 employees.
Our ready-to-help administrators, smart technology experts and fully trained mechanical technicians are proud to carry on Sam’s established tradition of hard work and our customer first attitude. For more than three decades and two generations, it’s still all we think about.

Renee Fiorelli, President

Renee Fiorelli President

Renee Fiorelli is the President of Peterson Service Company.

Renee is currently a member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of NJ Board of Directors and serves on the Schedule A Oversight committee. She is also on the Marketing Committee of Mechanical Service Contractors of America. In 2008, Renee was named Contracting Business Woman of the Year.

Renee holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

She resides in Medford Lakes, NJ, with her husband and two sons.

Mark S. Tepes, Vice President

Mark S Tepes Vice President

Mark Tepes is the Vice President of Peterson Service Company.

Current responsibilities include Strategic Planning, Construction Management, and Sales Management.

He holds a BS in Finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Mark enjoys playing golf and tennis, and resides in Medford, NJ, with his wife and three daughters.


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